Bank Street Pottery is a small pottery studio located at 307 Bank Street, Dalton PA.

My journey with clay started many years ago. Each time I’m in the studio, the creative course starts again and pushes me a little further.

My pots are not production work. Every piece made is unique unto itself. They required skill, observation and creativity.

Even a simple “mug” made at Bank Street Pottery will have its own presence.

A work of art you can hold in your hand.

The joy comes from the transference of the genuine feeling put into the work to its new owner.

The idea of programmed art and aesthetics never appealed to me.

My goal is to have every piece made be authentic to the power of its form.

No two pieces will ever be the same. No colors repeated. Nothing made will be perfect (there’s no such thing).

The marks on the clay both inside and out are the story of its creation.

My work is a record of my inner thoughts at that particular moment.

Clay is the earth … formed and fired.


Paul DeLuca is Bank Street Pottery.


I have a degree in art education and have taught art in the US and abroad.

A good part of my life was as a partner in a leading Northeastern Pennsylvania Ad firm.

If I never sold one pot I would still be making pottery.